Wednesday, March 5, 2014

How to make more money online

How to Make More Money

Making money online is not a very difficult task. But, if you don't know the proper ways then you will face a lot of difficulties. You will also waste your valuable time with many fake websites. I will try to help you by giving you some ways to earn money. I will tell you what I know. Making more money online is not a quick process. You need some patience. You need to maintain your time. With this article you will know-

  • how to make money blogging
  • make money on youtube
  • Great affiliating
  • how does facebook make money etc
But for the first time i will give you a real and easy way to make money online.
You must heard that making money liking facebook pages'. Liking facebook pages is not a good way to make great money but it's sure cash. If you never got a dollar from home using internet then you could try with is a site where you can earn 1-2 dollar per day liking facebook pages. Tasks are given below to work with

first signup here 
Likesplanet review

in the user name box give your user name, write email and pass in the proper boxes then click register.
After clicking register then put your facebook user name.
earn money with facebook
After setting up facebook user name then click earn points/money
earn money with
You can like as much pages as you like, following, website shares etc. But best money in page likes and photo likes. If you can make at least 0.10 dollar you can instantly withdraw to your okpay account. Or you can withdraw to your paypal account when you face 1.00 dollar. See my payments proof
Likesplanet payments proof
The real tricks to earn more money is increasing referrals. It's so easy to get referrals. Just tell your facebook friend with your payment proof about If you can make at least 10 refer and if the make at least 0.20 dollar You will earn 50% of All Your Referrals!
You will easily earn .50 dollar without doing anything. It's sounds like money maker.
You can spread your referral links to forums, making blogs etc. Then you will easily earn 1/2 dollar per day from
So, is it hard to making more money? I think it's not. Stay with me to know more ways to make money on the side.
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