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Monday, September 1, 2014
Make high quality backlinks for your blog/site. (.edu/.gov)

Make high quality backlinks for your blog/site. (.edu/.gov)

Here are the facts. Backlinks will ALWAYS be a part of search engine algorithms. The more
backlinks pointing to a website or article the better it ranks. More HIGH QUALITY backlinks
pointing to a site is even better. To top it off what’s even better than that are .edu and .gov links.
On-page SEO plus backlinks equals traffic and cash. Plain and simple.
There are many things about internet marketing that I enjoy, but there’s also things that I DREAD! If
you’re anything like me you’ll optimize your website or article the best you can on-page, then comes
the part we all dislike with a passion... Finding all those damn backlinks needed for that spot in
rank at google with .edu/.gov backlinks

Before you get right into it, I highly recommend you install a few Firefox browser plugins.
These are what make this system complete SWEETNESS. You'll be able to
evaluate the strength and value of any potential backlink INSTANTLY using this
precise combination of tools.
The plug-ins
  • · NoDoFollow – The NoDoFollow plug-in will allow you to instantly identify any link
on a page as no-follow or do-follow. Awesome tool!
This plug-in will automatically highlight DO-FOLLOW links as gray, and NOFOLLOW
links as red.
CLICK HERE to visit the plug-in homepage and download this free.
  • · WebRank SEO Toolbar – The WebRank SEO Toolbar will display a toolbar at the
top of your browser containing vital page information such as Page Rank and Alexa
ratings. This will help you evaluate the value of each potential link you get using this
CLICK HERE visit the plug-in homepage and download this free.
  • · SEO Quake – SEO Quake will display various search engine information within the
search results. This includes Page Rank, Alexa ratings and incoming links. It will
allow you to sort the search engine results by Page Rank which makes it a very handy
tool. CLICK HERE to visit the plug-in homepage and download this free. **Use SEO
QUAKE at your own risk.
Google doesn’t like SEO
Quake, when using these search strings. You may have your ip address temporarily banned from using
their search engines for “the possible submission of automated queries”…Their exact words. Use
SEOQUAKE AT YOUR OWN Risk with these methods.

Today i'll show you how to get .edu or .gov backlinks

If you’ve been in the SEO game for a while, and I’m sure you know the true value
behind a link to your website, blog or article from .edu sites. Here’s how to get them.
Step One – Head over to and make sure your plug-ins are installed.
Step Two – Copy and paste the following search string into the Search box. COPY
AND PASTE the following text EXACTLY. Leave all spaces, commas and quotation
marks as they are.
"powered by phpbb", /forum
That should bring up something like this. See below.
make quality backlinks
Now that my friend is a list of 21,400 potential .edu sites to get a backlink from.
Now here’s a couple variations of that search string for EVEN MORE .edu’s.
"powered by phpbb", inurl:/community"powered by vbulletin", inurl:/forum
"powered by vbulletin", inurl:/community
STOP – Go try it! Now. Minimize this guide, copy/paste one of those strings
Check out the results. Then come back. I'm trying to get your mind flowing again.
That probably sums up a list of .edu sites you’ll probably never have enough time in the
world to get links from! Use your imagination !
You can easily find .GOV sites this same way, simply by switching out the .edu, with
.gov. Remember not only are you finding government and educational site link sources,
you're ALSO identifying DO-FOLLOW links at the same time using the magic plug-ins.
Get creative with the URL, and “powered by” portion as well.
“powered by smf”
“powered by phpbb”
You can also find other forum or discussion platforms which have something in
common. Just scroll down to the bottom of a forum and find the “powered by” link and
use that in quotes during your search.
Don't think that FORUMS are the only form of .gov or .edu site that you can interact
with and create backlinks on.
Some may also have blogs, article directories, wikis, and more.
This all gets a little deeper with more variations but I'm trying to get your mind going.
Think /blog or /wiki etc.
This is it. If you have any questions, leave a comment on here.

5 Best Alternatives of Google AdSense for your Website/Blog

5 Best Alternatives of Google AdSense for your Website/Blog

Google AdSense is a giant when it comes to advertising. For many bloggers, is the advertising network, with a majority of their income comes from AdSense. You must be wondering, if someone does not want to consider Online Google AdSense, and go to your alternatives instead? Well, for a lot of people with online blogs, it's not about what they want ", it's about 'what they have."

Unfortunately, not everyone can have their blogs approved for AdSense. Google has some difficult terms and conditions that a normal person (like me) can not easily understand. Sometimes, advertisers find their accounts banned / canceled the overnight by Google without explanation, is when the real trouble begins. It's (almost) impossible to get AdSense approved again for the same blog. In these situations, alternatives must be found. Thanks to globalization, as have other good options, we'll list them below: Come?

Here are some of these alternatives you can use. Honestly speaking, they are no better than Google AdSense. But it should not get much for Adsense.
These options also have rules, so be honest to use, not to have their accounts canceled.

alternate of google adsense
Main alternatives to Google AdSense, reminding all Americans that are (USA) but the Adsense program is too!

Let me say one more thing. Google AdSense contextual ads placed on your website / blog, and operates on a CPC (Cost Per Click basis). This means that the ads placed on your site are related to your niche site / blog. And you get a certain amount for each click or the number of clicks made on your ads. The alternative that we mention may have different operating mode.

1. BuySellAds

BuySellAds is a network of direct advertising. This means you sell ad space on your blog to advertisers. It is one of the largest advertising network of its kind. But it also has some restrictions. You must meet the minimum traffic requirements for approval. BuySellAds will automatically search Google PR and Alexa you statistics.

2. Chitika

alternate of google adsense chitika

Chitika Ad Network is an amazing, very similar to Google AdSense. That's shows contextual ads like AdSense. And just like AdSense, working on a CPC (Cost Per Click basis). Payment is made through PayPal ($ 10 minimum payment) and check ($ 50 minimum). An added feature is the Chitika has built in affiliate program. So if you refer someone to Chitika, and they make sales, you have a percentage (%) of its sales commission as reference. Another great thing about Chitika is, you can use it side by side with Google Adsense. Thus, you can employ various means of income.

3. Adbrite

AdBrite is another great advertising option. It operates on a (PPC Pay Per Click basis). You get paid on the number of clicks on each ad. You also have the option to reject any advertising, which means you can put more relevant ads for your site. With AdBrite, you have up to 75% of its sales, which is a decent amount compared to what some other programs give you.

4. Infolinks

Infolinks is an in-line text ad program. It has ads in text, not images. So visitors do not get distracted. This form of advertising is best suited for high traffic sites. With Infolinks, you receive a revenue share of 70%. Payment is made through PayPal, check, bank transfer, etc.

5. Clicksor

Clicksor is another In-line program text ads like Infolinks. With Clicksor, receives payments every 15 days, with a limit of minimum payment of $ 50. Payment is sent via PayPal, check or bank transfer. Clicksor gives you a share of 85% of its total sales, which is higher than any other program! Clicksor also has a referral program affiliate, and you get 10% of a person referred to earn as a commission.
Tuesday, August 19, 2014
Ways to Make Money With ShareCash.

Ways to Make Money With ShareCash.

ways to make money with sharecash can be a great solution if you have site that provides downloadable files. Ever thought of using your files like images, songs and others to make money on the internet? Maybe you thought about creating an ad to give music lessons, or act as photographer. No, no.

We're talking about using your files so that people download and you get it every time someone downloads your file, you will earn an average 1-5 dollars (the equivalent to R $ 2.00 to R $ 10.00 ).
In the example we talked about the musician, for example, you need only create an album, compress all mp3 and send them to your previously registered on ShareCash account, after that you need to create a link called Mirror (Mirror in English) on the file you sent, it will be in the file Manager (file Manager) area, in parallel with this action you need to create a Youtube videos, can be singing or playing some of the music, taking the opportunity to talk about the Download album, place the Mirror link in the video description and ready.

Done so the person you want to download it will need to fill a form with a brief survey and most often will solicitation the same file a mobile number to receive Ringtones or participate in a contest, the commission you receive will be coming registration number of this cell, suppose the person pays $ 5 for registering the phone, you can receive up to $ 3 this payment.
Registration on ShareCash is totally free, and to put the amounts received by downloads are available at pocket forms: bank transfer, paypal, checks, Payoneer, payquicker. Remembering that processors like Paypal may charge fees in relation to its services at the time of transfer values​​, check these values ​​beforehand.

Below are the most common means of getting money available downloads for your files:

Many people look for the information to download, so if you have these files is there a way to make money online. Crack is to provide the software, a game or compressed program with the software itself, however, the Crack file is password protected, the password to be sent via a text file, your potential buyer will receive the download within a text file with a link where he can download another text file, this, in turn, through ShareCash, and will be the password file, as the full file will be downloaded through Youtube, Torrent , Forums or some other way you see fit to support it.


In this mode you can provide ROMS downloads of video games like Super Nintendo, Nintendo 64 and Neo Geo All this following the same steps and password disclosure, described in the first topic.

The ShareCash offers many ways to earn money through the web with the use of their services, what you need above all is to use creativity and know the tide in your favor, think about what you would like to download and a website and also imagine that may be the interest of others, there is get to work
Sunday, August 10, 2014
Use Robot and Get Thousands of likes/followers/youtube views etc

Use Robot and Get Thousands of likes/followers/youtube views etc

Amazed to see the title? You are supposed to be.
In the last post i have showed you how to take likes using Social media Exchanger websites. Those who didn’t read the post should read first, neither you won’t understand this post quietly,

  1st you need to join this sites

Autobot like getter

This post is for those people

  • Who wants fan page likes or photo/post likes or followers
  • Who are related with social media marketing 
  • Who sell likes in different marketplace like etc
  • Who works in SEO field Also need this 

What is This Robot

I made this robot myself. It’s made by imacros plugin. Those who know imacros they already know how to make robot by imacros. Imacros is a plugin of firefox browser. It records your work and repeat as well as you want to do it.

How This Robot works

Using this robot you can increase unlimited points in social media exchanger sites like likesplanet or addmefast. This robot automatically increase your points and you can use this points to get likes in your page. If you don’t take like in exchange you can withdraw money from likesplanet. Learn how it does
You can also work in and can sell 1000 likes for $5. See example

I will add 1000 Facebook Likes 100 percent real and active fans for $5

The main words

In the past few months i have been working with social media marketing. I have been working and wasting my time on social media exchanger sites for increasing points. Once i thought if any people could do this work for me and i can make profit. But there are no one to help me. Then i tried to make a bot who could do this work for me. After taking a while i succeed to make the bot myself. This bot is increasing points in likes planet and i am withdrawing cash or selling likes everyday. You could also do it like me. But In this post i can’t show you by writing “how to use this robot”. So i’ve made a video about how to use this bot. You just need to see it and do what i do.
But, remember, i can’t give this to you free. You need to pay me. Because i have given a lot of times and invested money to make this bot. Yes, i can assure you that you will also make a lot of money in various way if you use this bot. 
In the premium package i will give you the main scripts that will work for you day night to make points.
The total tutorial package is 500 Taka. Payment method by Bkash.
Also you can buy this at a price of $5 in Here is the link
I know people want to check anything before buying. So don’t go away. I will give you a trial version of this bot. Watch this free video 
to check what is this robot, how it works, how to use it etc. If you like the free package then go for the premium package.
For buying the premium package contact me 01680419735.
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