Tuesday, April 1, 2014

How to build quality backlinks

Many people think SEO or search engine optimization only means making backlinks for your webpages. But it is not the way you do SEO for your site. High quality backlinks are useful for your site. The more you can link your web page to high page ranked websites the more you will get visitors and page rank. In this post i will discuss about how to build backlinks and how to get quality backlinks.

What is High quality backlinks

Suppose you have a list of high quality renowned websites. If you can link up your site with those high quality renowned websites those are high quality backlinks.

What are the benefits of it

Well, i will tell you what are the benefits of High pr backlinks in one sentence. One high quality backlink is better than 100 normal backlinks. So, you must understood the importance of good quality links.

How to get quality backlinks

First, you need to download a plugin for your browser. Type in the google search boxes using this keyword '"seo quake for firefox/chrome". You need to download seo quake and add that plugin to your browser and restart your browser. Then go to this site for getting related websites with your website- Drop my link. 
You will find options like below
high quality backlinks
in the keyword box write your relevant keyword you use in your site and in the find boxes select do follow comment blogs. You will find a lot of websites. But select the websites for making backlink using seoquake. Seo quake show you websites like below
how to build backlinks

PR shows you the google pagerank. Always look for between 1-6. Mozrank shows you the popularity of the page. Mozrank above 8 are great site for getting high pr backlinks. So, this is the overall strategy of link building strategy.

Final word

Do not make more than 10 high pr backlinks. Google will select you as a spammer.
If you think it's too hard to do it then you can buy quality backlinks. You can also look for free backlink builder in various websites.

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