Monday, September 1, 2014

Make high quality backlinks for your blog/site. (.edu/.gov)

Here are the facts. Backlinks will ALWAYS be a part of search engine algorithms. The more
backlinks pointing to a website or article the better it ranks. More HIGH QUALITY backlinks
pointing to a site is even better. To top it off what’s even better than that are .edu and .gov links.
On-page SEO plus backlinks equals traffic and cash. Plain and simple.
There are many things about internet marketing that I enjoy, but there’s also things that I DREAD! If
you’re anything like me you’ll optimize your website or article the best you can on-page, then comes
the part we all dislike with a passion... Finding all those damn backlinks needed for that spot in
rank at google with .edu/.gov backlinks

Before you get right into it, I highly recommend you install a few Firefox browser plugins.
These are what make this system complete SWEETNESS. You'll be able to
evaluate the strength and value of any potential backlink INSTANTLY using this
precise combination of tools.
The plug-ins
  • · NoDoFollow – The NoDoFollow plug-in will allow you to instantly identify any link
on a page as no-follow or do-follow. Awesome tool!
This plug-in will automatically highlight DO-FOLLOW links as gray, and NOFOLLOW
links as red.
CLICK HERE to visit the plug-in homepage and download this free.
  • · WebRank SEO Toolbar – The WebRank SEO Toolbar will display a toolbar at the
top of your browser containing vital page information such as Page Rank and Alexa
ratings. This will help you evaluate the value of each potential link you get using this
CLICK HERE visit the plug-in homepage and download this free.
  • · SEO Quake – SEO Quake will display various search engine information within the
search results. This includes Page Rank, Alexa ratings and incoming links. It will
allow you to sort the search engine results by Page Rank which makes it a very handy
tool. CLICK HERE to visit the plug-in homepage and download this free. **Use SEO
QUAKE at your own risk.
Google doesn’t like SEO
Quake, when using these search strings. You may have your ip address temporarily banned from using
their search engines for “the possible submission of automated queries”…Their exact words. Use
SEOQUAKE AT YOUR OWN Risk with these methods.

Today i'll show you how to get .edu or .gov backlinks

If you’ve been in the SEO game for a while, and I’m sure you know the true value
behind a link to your website, blog or article from .edu sites. Here’s how to get them.
Step One – Head over to and make sure your plug-ins are installed.
Step Two – Copy and paste the following search string into the Search box. COPY
AND PASTE the following text EXACTLY. Leave all spaces, commas and quotation
marks as they are.
"powered by phpbb", /forum
That should bring up something like this. See below.
make quality backlinks
Now that my friend is a list of 21,400 potential .edu sites to get a backlink from.
Now here’s a couple variations of that search string for EVEN MORE .edu’s.
"powered by phpbb", inurl:/community"powered by vbulletin", inurl:/forum
"powered by vbulletin", inurl:/community
STOP – Go try it! Now. Minimize this guide, copy/paste one of those strings
Check out the results. Then come back. I'm trying to get your mind flowing again.
That probably sums up a list of .edu sites you’ll probably never have enough time in the
world to get links from! Use your imagination !
You can easily find .GOV sites this same way, simply by switching out the .edu, with
.gov. Remember not only are you finding government and educational site link sources,
you're ALSO identifying DO-FOLLOW links at the same time using the magic plug-ins.
Get creative with the URL, and “powered by” portion as well.
“powered by smf”
“powered by phpbb”
You can also find other forum or discussion platforms which have something in
common. Just scroll down to the bottom of a forum and find the “powered by” link and
use that in quotes during your search.
Don't think that FORUMS are the only form of .gov or .edu site that you can interact
with and create backlinks on.
Some may also have blogs, article directories, wikis, and more.
This all gets a little deeper with more variations but I'm trying to get your mind going.
Think /blog or /wiki etc.
This is it. If you have any questions, leave a comment on here.

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