Monday, September 1, 2014

5 Best Alternatives of Google AdSense for your Website/Blog

Google AdSense is a giant when it comes to advertising. For many bloggers, is the advertising network, with a majority of their income comes from AdSense. You must be wondering, if someone does not want to consider Online Google AdSense, and go to your alternatives instead? Well, for a lot of people with online blogs, it's not about what they want ", it's about 'what they have."

Unfortunately, not everyone can have their blogs approved for AdSense. Google has some difficult terms and conditions that a normal person (like me) can not easily understand. Sometimes, advertisers find their accounts banned / canceled the overnight by Google without explanation, is when the real trouble begins. It's (almost) impossible to get AdSense approved again for the same blog. In these situations, alternatives must be found. Thanks to globalization, as have other good options, we'll list them below: Come?

Here are some of these alternatives you can use. Honestly speaking, they are no better than Google AdSense. But it should not get much for Adsense.
These options also have rules, so be honest to use, not to have their accounts canceled.

alternate of google adsense
Main alternatives to Google AdSense, reminding all Americans that are (USA) but the Adsense program is too!

Let me say one more thing. Google AdSense contextual ads placed on your website / blog, and operates on a CPC (Cost Per Click basis). This means that the ads placed on your site are related to your niche site / blog. And you get a certain amount for each click or the number of clicks made on your ads. The alternative that we mention may have different operating mode.

1. BuySellAds

BuySellAds is a network of direct advertising. This means you sell ad space on your blog to advertisers. It is one of the largest advertising network of its kind. But it also has some restrictions. You must meet the minimum traffic requirements for approval. BuySellAds will automatically search Google PR and Alexa you statistics.

2. Chitika

alternate of google adsense chitika

Chitika Ad Network is an amazing, very similar to Google AdSense. That's shows contextual ads like AdSense. And just like AdSense, working on a CPC (Cost Per Click basis). Payment is made through PayPal ($ 10 minimum payment) and check ($ 50 minimum). An added feature is the Chitika has built in affiliate program. So if you refer someone to Chitika, and they make sales, you have a percentage (%) of its sales commission as reference. Another great thing about Chitika is, you can use it side by side with Google Adsense. Thus, you can employ various means of income.

3. Adbrite

AdBrite is another great advertising option. It operates on a (PPC Pay Per Click basis). You get paid on the number of clicks on each ad. You also have the option to reject any advertising, which means you can put more relevant ads for your site. With AdBrite, you have up to 75% of its sales, which is a decent amount compared to what some other programs give you.

4. Infolinks

Infolinks is an in-line text ad program. It has ads in text, not images. So visitors do not get distracted. This form of advertising is best suited for high traffic sites. With Infolinks, you receive a revenue share of 70%. Payment is made through PayPal, check, bank transfer, etc.

5. Clicksor

Clicksor is another In-line program text ads like Infolinks. With Clicksor, receives payments every 15 days, with a limit of minimum payment of $ 50. Payment is sent via PayPal, check or bank transfer. Clicksor gives you a share of 85% of its total sales, which is higher than any other program! Clicksor also has a referral program affiliate, and you get 10% of a person referred to earn as a commission.


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