Tuesday, April 1, 2014

How to add alt tags to images

 Adding alt tags to images is a very easy work. But, without proper knowledge it seems hard for beginners. Alt tags for images is a process of on page SEO. Webmaster add alt text to images when they create a post and use image. If you are also going to make a post or create a blog you should know about alt tags. In this post i will discuss about alt tags for images and how to do it.

What is image alt tags

Alt tags for images is the language that google understand. When you upload a image in your post and publish it then google don't understand about the image. But If you use alt tags to your photos then google understand. I have given an example Look below

how to add alt tags to images
You see a keyword above the image and showing as 'how to do social bookmarking'. That's keyword is alt tags.

What are the benefits of image alt tags

For doing SEO and getting google page rank and bringing enough visitors for your site you must need image tag attributes. Using image tag attributes will bring traffic to your site from image.google.com. It means, when someone looking for image with your keyword in the image search engine they will find your image and visit your website. That's the real benefit of using alt tags to photos.

How to do it

 If you already have some post in your website and have images without alt tags then edit the post and select the image, you will find an option like below image
alt tag for images
 Click properties and in the title box put your keyword like below image
adding alt tags to images
in the title text box put your main keyword. Click ok. That's it. This is how to add alt tags for images.

Manual process

if you want to do it manually then follow my words.
Generally we use this word for putting an image 
<img src=”images/you_image.png” alt=””/>
But we should write like below for adding image attributes 
<img src=”images/you_image.png” alt=”My Image”/>
Put your main keyword in the red highlighted text for alt tags.
Hope you learn the way of adding alt tags to your images.


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