Sunday, July 13, 2014

Get Free facebook likes/followers, twitter followers, youtube likes.

Do you want free facebook likes/followers? Read this post from A 2 Z and reveal the trick of getting free likes and dominate social media.

Ways of getting free likes

There are several ways of getting free likes. But the best is social media exchanger websites.

What is social media exchanger sites?

 In these sites you like someone's page or photo/posts. You will also get likes to your fan page or photo/posts in exchange. The more you like others the more you will get your own likes/followers/traffic. SO, it's simple.

Best social media exchanger sites

There are a lot of social media exchanger sites around web. But very few are the best among them. I am giving the best sites which i used personally.

These three are the best. I am giving one sample of joining this site. It's so easy to join these site. You can't earn money from addmefast and like4like but you can earn money from likesplanet. Just go to that site clicking above link and fill up the gaps with your name and email. And confirm verification link in your inbox. After all i am giving this sample of  How to join In that post i have showed how to join likesplanet and earn points/money. But in this post i'll show you how to add page or how to get likes. see the images below
for likesplanet
get free facebook likes for free
for addmefast
get free facebook followers for free
Just click add site button and fill up with your page info like page name, url, cpc rate means how much point you will give for per like etc. Then save it. Now you will get one by one likes to your fanpage. And all are human like you. With these likes you can increase your page rank. When people see many likes in your fan page they will naturally like your page.

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So, if you face any problem just leave a comment.


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